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What can AAG do for your business?

Brand Extension

AAG is able to provide a seamless, scalable extension of your own services and brand with the same high level of integrity and professionalism your members expect from you.

Marketing Support

Partnering with AAG gives you direct access to our in-house marketing team that specializes in driving program utilization through mixed media efforts.

Cross-Sell Opportunities

Multiple touch points throughout the auto-buying process provide an opportunity to reinforce the value of your brand, and promote your other products and services.

Exceptional Member Service

Our on-site call center and Member Advocacy Group is staffed by exceptional service professionals – many of whom have automotive experience. This level of expertise is rare, and ensures that no matter how large your membership base is, all of your members are just a phone call away from high-level service and support.

How do our programs work for your members?

Thanks to a streamlined approach to auto buying, AAG makes it easy for your members to locate a dealership and save on their next vehicle.

Step 1:

Members will locate a participating dealership one of two ways - through the dedicated 800 number, or branded website created for your members.

Step 2:

Within 24 hours, a trained Dealer Specialist will contact your member to schedule a personal appointment.

Step 3:

At the dealership, the Dealer Specialist works with your member to help them select a vehicle. As the only individual at the dealership with access to your program's custom price sheet, they'll provide the prearranged price to your member so they can see the savings you provide.

Three to five days after the initial inquiry, AAG contacts all members to ensure customer satisfaction, answer questions and conduct a survey to gather specifics about their experience.